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Visit to Peter and Judy Westgate’s wood

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Back in August we were invited to look around Peter and Judy Westgate’s twenty year old wood in Fontmell Magna, Dorset and an example of another Woodland Trust one – Brookland Wood – that they were instrumental in planting in 1998. It was fascinating to see how fast relative maturity can be achieved – with a lot of hard work – in such a short time. As before, I have no illusions about the quality of the pictures – I was having fun experimenting with my iPad mini…

Author: tr3planter

Freelance gardener

One thought on “Visit to Peter and Judy Westgate’s wood

  1. This was a really good visit, and Brookland Wood is well worth a visit to see how Haddon might look in 15 years. Great photos, iPad mini obviously working well, thanks tr3planter!

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