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February 2014 – latest happenings and date for the FHW AGM

If you’re a Friend and on Hilly’s circulation list, you may have seen this already, but I thought it worth posting for the record.

Hi all

A quick update and an advance date for your diary.

The AGM will be on Thursday 15 May at 7pm.  I’ll send out a reminder nearer the time when I’ll be asking you to confirm whether or not you’re coming so we can sort out a suitable venue, hopefully at no cost.

The committee’s still working with the WT to sort out the pond, as the costings are coming in much higher than anticipated.  We think we have a solution and we’re waiting for the go-ahead; don’t expect to see any work before the ground dries out considerably!  Probably April, we’re advised.  We’d hoped to have this sorted out in the autumn but Jon’s departure and some bureaucracy got in the way…!

HW blog LogoFriends of Haddon Wood now have a logo, and you’ll see it when we put up some notices asking people to clear up after their dogs.  It’s great that we now have quite a lot of people regularly walking there, and as we’d all like to enjoy it, please remember poo bags if you bring your dog.  We have no bins for disposal, so you’ll need to take them away.

Despite the weather, last weekend the committee managed to get out and clear the remaining fallen trees at the top of the hill, as well as re-staking a surprising number of the latest planting.  The high winds have meant that a lot of the new trees have been blown over, some of them completely.  If you’re inclined to do some helping out, feel free to take your lump hammer and straighten them up and hammer the stakes in – we’ve found that simply pushing them in by hand doesn’t give them enough purchase to stay up in the next strong wind.  You’ll see that some tree guards in field 3 (bordered by the road and Jacob’s Lane) have yellow spots and have been angled sideways.  Please leave these as the contractors have done this to indicate trees which have failed and need replacing.

We’ve reminded the WT that there should be a kissing gate by the tin tabernacle; we met with Tim Russell, the new manager, on Friday, and he’s going to take this up with the contractors.  We’ve also got plans for improvements to some of the field entrances and informal gaps through hedges, so watch this space.  ………………………………………………………………….. there’s a great picture at the top of the latest blog entry (which also shows the angled tree tubes!) which is about the (almost) final planting by the contractors.  They’re still holding about 200 trees which can’t be planted until the pond’s dug.  And do please comment if you visit the blog – it would be good to know that it’s of interest.


So, there you have it – couldn’t have put it better myself…