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FHW AGM – 15th May, 2014

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It doesn’t seem possible, but we’ve had our first AGM!

Not everybody turned up, of course, but a fair selection of interested Friends arrived in the Manor, in Ditcheat, for 7pm and Hil started proceedings by welcoming everyone before launching into a comprehensive Chair’s report of the year’s activities. Amazing! Who’d a’ thought we’d achieved so much in just twelve months? She concluded with nice things to say about the varied and complementary¬† prowess of individual committee members, but with natural modesty failed to mention herself, so I’m going to do it here. Thank you, Hil, for being so good – not to mention conscientious – at what you do, keeping us all in order and to the point during meetings and well-informed at all other times. No-one else could do it the way you do and you are much appreciated by all.

After that came Jo with her Treasurer’s Report and then Nick gave us a briefing of his conversation with Justin Millward of the WT about the ramifications of taking a lease on Haddon – their preferred course of action in the future. Apparently, because their policy is to double the amount of broadleaved, deciduous woodland in the country by the end of this century, they need to outsource the managing of much of it. It was interesting, but clearly needs thought and it’s a subject we’ll be returning to.

The last piece of official business was to elect the committee for the coming year and to cut a long story short, the same people will be back at the table at our next meeting. We covered a lot of ground, but after a few items under AOB, Hil brought the meeting to a conclusion just after 8pm The minutes (with attached supplementary reports)  can be found HERE.

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