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Nick sowing

Well, there have been lots, in the wood, since my last post, but this one is about our FHW Committee, or specifically, one member of it.

To cut a long story short, Nick Truman announced at our AGM that he just doesn’t have as much time any more to devote to Haddon things and reluctantly, would have to stand down from the committee. We equally reluctantly accepted. What else could we do? We’ve been so lucky that such a disparate, but oddly compatible group of people, no more than thrown together in the early days, has stayed and worked well together since the beginning, in 2013.

…trying not to cover himself in bitumen

Looking through our hundreds of photographs, I haven’t managed to come up with many starring Nick, but to assume that he wasn’t around much would be wrong. He’s been as involved as any of us from planting to installing Mary’s bench, to brushcutting, sowing Yellow Rattle, chainsawing fallen hedgerow trees (in the days when it was still allowed), organising car parking at events and not least, planning and supervising the planting of our orchard. I think the main reason there isn’t much photographic evidence is that our snappers have tended to home in on the more photogenic junior branch of the family, Amy, who has been almost as big a part of Haddon Wood as her father. Nick, we’ll miss you- and Amy – even it we do save a fortune on snacks for our meetings.


What this means, of course, is that we have a vacancy and if you, or anyone you know, would like to become more hands on in the management of Haddon, please either comment below, or message us on our FaceBook page and one of us will contact you directly with more details of what to expect.