The Friends of Haddon Wood

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This blog has been started as a resource for the Friends of Haddon Wood. The intention is that it should have everything you need to know about the new community woodland …which is a good opportunity to say that if you have any suggestions, contributions (blog posts about events in or to do with the wood, photographs, articles, news etc), please get in touch.

The Woodland Trust is the keeper of Haddon Wood, which means they are responsible for the basic infrastructure (access, gateways, pathways) and the trees themselves. The Friends of Haddon Wood has been set up, not only to assist with planting and maintenance, but to raise funding and carry out maintenance on the parts of the wood outside the Woodland Trust’s remit ie the wild flower meadow, the orchard and the pond – things requested by local residents.

Anyone who’s interested can be a Friend and for the foreseeable future it’s free! The intention is for the blog to have all the latest news – up-coming events, information of how the trees and the infrastructure (gateways etc) are progressing – how the fundraising is going …and anything else we can think of. Please keep in touch.

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One last, bittersweet, thing needs to be mentioned. Put quite simply, without Alhampton residents Mary & Gert Schley’s efforts and input, there would be no Haddon Wood. They tracked down and contacted the owner of the land and between them negotiated the transfer of ownership to the Woodland Trust for safekeeping. Sadly, Mary died on 1 April this year (2013) but at the first meeting of the Friends of Haddon Wood there was unanimous agreement that something should be installed in the wood to honour her memory. Gert and their sons decided that they’d like an inscribed bench and this has now been made by local craftsman, Stewart Gould – blog post ‘Mary’s Bench’ here.

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