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Our first beehive has arrived!

The wait is over – see  Rose’s brilliant photos below of our new wild bee hive. As of yesterday it’s sitting in state at the top of the hill in F4.

The pictures speak for themselves really, but they show Matt Somerville, his daughter Beth and her boyfriend Spencer working to assemble and install the hive. We haven’t been able to put signs up yet, but please give it a wide berth for the moment – particularly because with this fine weather we may be lucky and see a swarm take up residence over the next week or so.

The body of the hive is made of larch, the legs are sweet chestnut, both of which are the best woods for the job. The hackle (thatched roof) is sewn on and is insulated with straw, the hive has been primed by Matt with some pieces of old comb, and rubbed with lemon grass oil and resin from old hives to attract new bees. If you’d like to know more, look at Matt’s website It’s fascinating stuff – bees are extraordinary.

This is the first of two hives we’re putting in the wood. The timing of the second will depend on Matt, who, like so many of us, has had work turned upside down by you-know-what, so we’re letting him come back with the second when he can.

Isn’t it great to have something good to celebrate!

Rather than the public event we had wanted this to be, the hive raising was attended only by Hil and Rose who supplied this post, observing all relevant social distancing constraints

NB Please note we’ve been advised by a local beekeeper that it’d be aswas to stay at least 30 feet from the hive, because Some colonies can be extremely defensive and as their provenance isn’t known, they could be pussycats or tigers. Temperament can also change without warning. Passing this on in the interests of high bees and people.