The Friends of Haddon Wood

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FHW Committee

As with most things, there has to be an admin bit and ours can be found here. Links to committee meeting minutes are on this page and you can see the ratified Constitution here too.

After the first planting in March of this year (2013), the first meeting of the Friends of Haddon Wood was held in the Manor in Ditcheat on 11th April. Jon Burgess of the Woodland Trust was in the chair and explained that its purpose was to identify methods of funding for the parts of the wood requested by locals, but not covered by the remit of the WT – namely a wild flower meadow, a wildlife pond and an orchard. You can see the notes of that meeting if you click here… Meeting 11.4.13 At the same meeting it was agreed to hold a further meeting of the Friends of Haddon Wood to elect a committee.

That second meeting was held on 1st May 2013 and centred on the main discussion of whether we actually needed a committee. Jon explained that whilst he wanted as much local engagement and enthusiasm for the project as possible, it would make communication between the WT and the Friends much easier and more efficient – and give the Friends a much stronger voice with the WT if a committee was set up with a proper constitution. The notes of that meeting are here… FHW Meeting 1-5-13 but the short version is that a committee was elected and its members agreed to yet another meeting to draft a constitution.

Friends of Haddon Wood Committee
Jo Curtis – Treasurer

Mark Curtis – PR
Hil Harrison – Chair
Rose Hubbard – Photography and Merchandise
Nell McMorland Hunter – Secretary
Gert Schley
Nick Truman

Subsequent meeting minutes are listed below –

Minutes of FHWC 21 Aug 19

Minutes of FHWC 18 June 19

Minutes of FHWC 6 June 19

Minutes of FHW AGM 30 April 2019

Minutes of FHWC 16 April19

Minutes of FHWC 4 Mar 19

Minutes of FHWC 10 Dec 18

Minutes of FHWC 15 Aug 18

Minutes of FHW AGM 20 April 18

Minutes of FHWC 15 March 18

Minutes of FHWC 29 Nov 17

Minutes of FHWC 24 July 17

Minutes of FHW AGM 20 April 17

Minutes of FHWC 14 June 17

Minutes of FHWC 6 Feb 17

Minutes of FHWC 26 Sept 16

Minutes of FHWC 16 June 16

Minutes of FHWC 14 Mar 16

Minutes of FHWC 2 Sept 15

Minutes of FHW AGM 13 May 2015

Minutes of FHWC 27th Apr 15

Minutes of FHWC 9 Mar 15

Minutes of FHWC 29 Oct 14

Minutes of FHWC 18 Sept 14

Minutes of FHWC 11 June 14

Minutes of FHW AGM 15 May 2014

Minutes of FHWC 29 Apr 14

Minutes of FHWC 11th March 2014

Minutes of FHWC 10th February 2014

Minutes of FHWC 11th November 2013

Minutes of FHWC 4th September 2013

Minutes of FHWC 4th July 2013

Minutes of FHWC 13 June 2013

Minutes of FHWC 23 May 13

Minutes of Friends of Haddon Wood 9 May 13

Minutes of Friends of Haddon Wood 1 May 2013

Minutes of WT Meeting re Haddon Wood 11 April 2013

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